Professional Choreography for: Pagents, competitions, body builders, clowns, color guard, cheer leaders, choral
groups, bands, vocal groups, magic acts, weddings, flash mob, local school productions, fashion shows, private
parties, cotillions and balls, line dancing, movies, theater, film, television, all ages, all levels.
Private Instruction
Is available upon request in all disciplines offered at our school.

Although ballet has become more International through the years and many instructors come from different ballet
backgrounds, the main training structure of  our ballet programs follows the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance
(RAD), Russian Ballet (the Vaganova Method)  the School of American Ballet (SAB).

Dance courses will be a study of all the jazz dance styles passed down from all of the great  original classical jazz
Jack Cole, Matt Mattox, Luigi, Ronn Forella, Bob Fosse, Peter Gennaro and more!

Fusion of ballet and/or jazz techniques with modern elements, demonstrating emotion, balance and control.

From classic tap to the cutting edge rhythms of todays hoofer's, our tap courses will focus on musicality, percussion,
improvisation, clarity, terminology, jazz traditions and tap history.

The latest influences in the hip hop  dance scene come together in fun and energetic classes.
You will be dancing to your favorite hip-hop, pop, and R & B radio hits. If you want to feel electrified, don't miss this class.

Ballet, Modern or jazz technique with musical interpretation and storytelling elements through fluid movement.

Will be based on Theatrical Songs, choreographies and production numbers from many wonderful Broadway Shows
such as:
Oliver, Annie, Peter Pan, My Fair Lady, Wicked, Hairspray, Gypsy and on and on..

Classes will focus on the Latin and American Social. Traditional Fox Trot, Waltz, and Swing, Salsa, Meringue,
Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha.
Wedding Dance - Choreography for your first dance on your special day.

Classes in Argentine Tango as it is danced socially in the Hudson Valley, Buenos Aires and Cities around the World.  
Class 1 focuses on the basic elements and technical skills unique to tango.  Class 2 explores and develops advanced
figures and combinations.
Course Descriptions
Fall Schedule 2019